Send Rose Day Flowers to India for Eternal Love

Rose Day
Rose Day Flowers to India

This fire that we call love is too strong for human minds
But just right for human souls.

Rose Day Flowers to India

As valentine’s week is just around the corner, the time has come for us to celebrate companionship, love, and all the people we cherish in our lives. Rose day marks the glorious beginning of a voyage called love. Rose day is celebrated on the 7th day of February each year. It is a day where roses become a symbol for the love birds to display their affection to their significant others. The love birds express themselves by sending Rose Day flowers to India.

For eternity flowers have been a symbol of warmth and joy of intimacy. Although love needs no occasion to cherish some significant moments of togetherness is a key for a healthy and strong bond. Hence, people love to Valentine’s Day flowers to India to express their love and emotion.

But if you are too lazy to get out of quarantine mode and going out seems too much of a hassle, do not worry, we have you covered for this rose day. We would even sort out the confusion of gifting the perfect roses. We offer the service to send Rose Day flowers to India and help you make this year memorable for you. As different roses signify different emotions and levels of intimacy. So here are our top picks for your special day.

Yellow Roses

A universal color that signifies friendship and warmth, yellow is indeed happy. Gifting yellow roses portrays a strong emotion of gratitude and affection towards your friends and family. If you feel that rose day is not just about the old tradition, then it is a perfect choice. Therefore, you can take this opportunity to tell your friends how much they mean to you.

White Roses

White has always been a color of purity and innocence. To give a white rose to someone signifies a new and fresh beginning. One can try to reconnect to an old friend with whom they lost touch. Start a new chapter of your bond with the color of white roses.

Orange Roses

A literal blend of red and yellow, orange roses are perfect as a bond that involves love and friendship. It is a bridge between the two feelings, and no color could do justice to those unexplainable relations than orange. To give an orange rose sends a beautiful message of companionship in its versatile form. It is indeed a real symbol to absorb the complexity of a feeling called love

Red Roses

For ages, people associate the color red with passion, love, and romance. It is a color that would never fail to impress your significant other. A blend of your inner affection could be expressed brilliantly by red roses. To chase after the love of your life and to set sail on a voyage called love, start by picking up the freshest and the most elite bouquet of red roses.

Send Rose Day Flowers to India

So this rose day, let yourself celebrate the joy of living with your loved ones. Tell them how much they mean to you, send them Rose Day Flowers to India. When you place your order with India Flower Mall, you will never be disappointed. You will always receive the best quality flowers and services from India Flower Mall. Whether the occasion is Valentine’s Day or Rose Day, India Flower Mall is the one-stop-shop for your gifting needs.

Why one should send Rose Day flowers to India

Rose Day offers an opportunity to express your love and affection for someone very special in life. Eventhough, you can send roses on any day in the year, but the roses have a special meaning of love on Rose Day. Hence to express the special meaning, one should send Rose Day flowers to India.

How can I send Rose Day flowers to India

Send flowers to India on Rose Day is very easy. India Flower Mall offers you an opportunity to send flowers to India online. We have all the exotic flower arrangements with roses, cakes, chocolates, and teddy bears. You can select one from the list and order to send your gifts to India on Rose Day

This Winter, Blossom Your Life with Breathtaking Winter Flower Gifts!

White winter walked in swiftly covering the trees with snow, the wild flowers bloom to welcome the season. Winter brings in refreshment and rejoices your life. It rings along the festive bells and celebration is in the air. The world takes on the playfulness waiting for the Christmas party, new year masquerade followed by the Valentine week.

You can seize the opportunity of the upcoming holidays to send best wishes to your friends, love and relatives with fresh blossoming flowers, yummy pies and much more!

Nowadays, doesn’t matter how far you are, you can always send flowers online to your loved one and express your care for them. You can select your favorite flowers classified for every occasion. You have to enter the address of the recipient and the well-planned delivery system of florists will take care of rest. Herein we have brought you the most trending and colorful winter flower collection from the leading online stores, to help you give an exotic surprise to your special ones.

Contemporary Bouquet with Newness

The traditional rose bouquets and carnation baskets have become old-school. This winter you can explore something more vibrant that will soothe your heart. You can go for unusual combinations like red roses and Asiatic lilies, pink Roses with Peruvian lily or red roses with white carnation and white Asiatic lilies. You can add on a scented candle in between the bouquet to make it look more fascinating.

Colorful Floral Combination

The Bouquet creation is a work of art. Some space is always left in between the big flowers in the bouquet which can be gracefully covered by the smaller ones. The winter-special delightful multicolor pansy fits perfectly in the void and adds an enhanced fragrance to your special bouquet. The red, lavender or purple roses accompanied by white Pansy look pretty tempting. For the final touch-up, florists add wraps and glitter on the floral arrangement to make it the perfect gift.

Chocolate and Rose Décor Bouquets

A flower bouquet cannot get any better than this; with the essence of chocolate, it becomes irresistible. The perfect gift for your lovely valentine. You can combine chocolates of your choice to make the combination a better one. On special occasions, some seller also add cute small teddy bears to your bouquet to make it even more special.

White Winter Floral

White is the color for serenity and purity. It represents the innocence and faith of one heart to the other. The large white lilies arouse a sense of lavishness in winter parties. While you are sending flowers online, you can always use the add-on feature to add some lavender sticks or orchids to make your bouquet more appealing. Based on occasion you can get your bouquet customized and enhanced.

Some Parting Words

Have a beautiful and colorful winter. Don’t forget to add a personally written message with the flowers. A personal message will enhance the smell of flowers and bring a smile on the face of your loved one upon getting the alluring flower bouquet!


6 Beautiful Flowers And Their Magical Power On Mankind

The flowers are examples of surreal beauty and their power to contribute to mankind is no less than magic. If you are to think that the flowers are not only meant for external beauty, you could not have been more wrong. The flowers have healing power and enhance human beauty.

Let us spend a little time discussing how the alluring flowers can be worth more than being gazed upon only.

Get Calendula through Online Flower Delivery

Yellow or orange pot marigold or calendula belongs to the daisy family. According to the studies of Southwestern Asia and European parts, it is surprising to know the calendula has anti-genotoxic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

It is one of the age-old healing components increasing the enhancement of primary beauty care till the day. When you get online flower delivery, you can get calendula as one of the skin conditioning agents. Your skin becomes supple and more beautiful than ever.

Chamomile for Reducing Stress

Chamomile has secured tremendous popularity in the world because of its capability of reducing stress. The current world is succumbing to workload and the stress level is soaring high on a daily basis. To relieve your mind and body from stress, mix chamomile which can get rid of puffiness under eyes.

Therefore, after having long-day of weariness, you can get relief making yourself tea. The magical power of the flower guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Jasmine for Being More Beautiful

The benefits of the jasmine are too good to be true. Take a moment and think how many cosmetic products feature jasmine as a vital element. From face creams to body oils to lotions, the range of products using jasmine is unbelievable.

If the flower is infused with white vinegar, you can run a fragrant bath. It also works just fine with almond oil. You can also spray jasmine water into your face after waking up in the morning for feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Tuberose for Beautiful Massage

Through online flower delivery, you can get tuberose due to its wide availability in the market. In India, tuberose is primarily known as Rajanigandha. It has a tempestuous fragrance which can liven up the home environment.

Take 200 ml rice bran oil and put 20 tuberoses in it. Once you keep the flowers in the oil for a week, the oil is ready to use. The invigorating massage oil is beneficial for your body and mind.

Lavender as Essential Oil

You can get lavender from the online flower delivery which is widely effective for getting the uplifting and clean fragrance. The incredible flower fills the home environment with olfactory pleasure.

Used in aromatherapy, the flower is able to reduce anxiety, insomnia and depression. Needless to say, it is essential in everyone’s life at present. It works with hair loss treatment and alopecia is reduced.

Hibiscus in Indian Ayurveda

Another common flower easily available through online flower delivery is hibiscus. In Indian Ayurveda, hibiscus is known for increasing hair growth and offering thick hair. In the day-to-day task, the shoe flower or hibiscus is helpful in polishing shoes.

9 Surprising and Interesting Facts About Flowers to Know

Some of you might already know and some of you will just learn today, you will never know enough of fun facts on the flower. Not just do flowers give us emotional and visual well-being, but they also have an amazing history and appeal. Let us dive right into these beautiful flower facts. Here’re some strange facts about flowers, both the rare breeds and one we see quite often.

  1. Tulips Make an Amazing Salad

    Many varieties of the tulip have got edible petals and also make amazing salad ingredients. Colorful, peppery and crisp; they will brighten up your lunch and add some exotic twist in your evening snacks.

  2. Tulip Bulbs are Substituted for Onions

    But, it is very important to make sure you use only fresh bulbs that have not been exposed to any pesticides, or your culinary adventures might not taste very good.

  3. The Largest Flower on Earth is… the Smelliest

    Growing up to 10 feet high and 3 feet wide, Titan Arums is the largest flower on Earth. However, it has not really become the household hit because of the fact that flower smells like the rotting flesh.

  4. Roses Have Connection To Fruit and Almonds 

    Roses share an amazing link with apples, almonds, cherries, raspberries, plums, peaches, pears, and nectarines. Rose has what is called rose hips that are the berry fruit in certain roses. The rose hips can be used for making jellies and teas as they’re loaded with Vitamin.

  5. Smell Chocolate in Flowers 

    Do you think flowers cannot get more miraculous then check out Chocolate Cosmos? And these beautiful and dark burgundy flowers exactly smell like chocolate. Just amazing! Some other varieties of the flowers that smell like chocolate include:
    • Black Salsify
    • Orchid Chocolate
    • Chocolate Mint
    • Daisy Chocolate

  6. Saffron is From Crocus Flowers 

    Probably you have seen saffron on the supermarket shelves; however, do you know this most expensive product is harvested from crocuses?

  7. Dandelions are Filled with Nutrients

    Do you know that just one cup of the dandelion greens gives 7,000 to 13,000 IU of vitamin? Not very bad for any plant that some people think as a weed.

  8. Bamboos also Produce Flowers 

    You would have never thought of bamboos as the flowering plants; however, they do make flowers few years. Whenever they do, flowers of same species bloom at the same time.

  9. Get sleep with Gerbera Daisies 

    Suppose you want to better night’s sleep, you can place some gerbera daisies close to your bed. They emit oxygen and will absorb toxins and carbon monoxide during the night, it is said to be very helpful for anybody who is suffering from the sleep apnea.

Final Word

Whereas not every flower is fragrant and beautiful, some flowers also have evolved to be the highly strangest of ways to ensure survival. 'Corpse flower', named because of the putrefying smell of the decaying animal flesh grows on the plant that is very small. To attract insects and bugs this flower became bigger and smellier and attracts pollinators to reproduce efficiently.

What You Need to Know About August’s Birth Flowers: Gladiolus

Just like each month has got a birthstone, it has the flower linked with it! Like birthstones, every birth flower has with its unique significance. It appears natural when we honored last summer month with 2 incredibly lively flowers —gladiolus and poppy. Add a unique touch this August to your friend’s birthday flowers and special flower arrangement just by incorporating these flowers in their gift. The August birth flower is Gladiolus. As the highly colorful summer flowers, gladiolus is quite unique as it is grown from the tall spike with sharp leaves.

More about Gladiolus

Gladioli are an amazingly popular outdoor plant. It stands at a notable 4 feet tall, and gladioli were placed in the back of the flower beds that will add texture and height. While these flowers might have lived their life in the background, they are anything but just ordinary. These flowers bloom ranges in thickness, color, and height, and making them amazingly diverse.

History of Gladiolus

The gladiolus is a native to the tropical Africa and regions across the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It’s believed that the gladiolus plants were brought first to Europe in an early 18th century. In the 1820s, the gardeners started to cultivate gladiolus and make hybrid varieties that got popular in the gardens and cut flowers. In 1837, new brown, purple and green shades of the gladiolus flowers got developed in Belgium. Around 1870, French introduced the newly found species with the deep purple streaks. Around 1880s, German and European plant breeders developed more than 2000 named gladiolus varieties that appeared in US nurseries in 1891 and got wildly famous.

Meanings & Symbolism of Gladiolus

Gladiolus Birth Flower

Gladioli are well known to symbolize character strength, integrity, faithfulness, persistence, and infatuation. Beyond these, August birth flower carries many other meanings that vary from its color.

  • Pink gladioli denote compassion.
  • Red gladioli denote love.
  • Yellow gladioli denote joy.
  • Purple gladioli denote grace and charm.
  • White gladioli charm innocence.

Fun Facts of Gladiolus

  • British and Mediterranean gladiolus flowers have been used by the herbalists to treat any physical ailments.
  • Certain parts of the gladiolus plant are very poisonous when eaten by animals or humans.
  • Powdered roots of gladiolus were mixed with milk to relieve colic in kids.
  • Some species will cause skin irritation and allergic reactions if touched.
  • Roots of gladiolus were used as a poultice in England for drawing splinters and thorns.

Besides their reign as August birth flower gladiolus also is an official flower of 40year anniversaries. Thus, if you are in your 40th and your partner is born in the same month, you’ve double reason of celebrating with the wonderful gladiolas flowers.

August Birthstone

Due to its thin and long shape, gladiolus fast became known as “sword lily.” The gladiolus fast got the reputation of being a strong and bold flower. Besides resilience and honor, gladiolus flowers symbolize:

  • Integrity and faithfulness
  • Character and strength
  • Ambition and persistence
  • Admiration and deep love


Experience The Magic Of Colorful Flowers in India

Colorful Flowers

India, also known as Hindustan and Bharat, is a land of seasons. Displaying the best examples of ‘unity in diversity’ before the world, the nation is known for its culture, tradition, rituals, norms, mores, and values. Once recognized as the ‘vishwa guru’, this nation presents the most complex societal structure. Millions of tourists all around the globe visit India every year, just to be a part of amazement which it displays through its cultural diversity.

Five thousand years old civilization, 29 states, 7 union territories, 22 scheduled languages and a total of 1652 regional languages, 4 major religions, and other bounded faiths, and a total of 645 tribes combining together composes the nation India. It is difficult to explain the beauty of this country  in words.

Experience The Magical Power Of Flowers

It is rightly said that flowers are the magical creation which eradicates negativity from surroundings. Is your dear one upset with you? Do you want to be a part of any celebration in India? Do you want to wish good luck to someone special residing in India? Here is a suggestion for you. Just send flowers to India and experience its magical power. It is the best way to heal any wound or to cheer up the one who is upset. It also helps show your regard and respect to someone.

Flowers and plants make a great influence on human beings. Beautiful and colorful flowers and plants help to diminish the distance between two individuals. Hence, it is advisable to look out for any online flower delivery shop and place your order.

Send Colorful Flowers Depending Upon The Occasion

Colors show the presence of occasional essence. You can send beautiful and colorful flowers depending on the situation. A beautiful flower bouquet shall be the best option to go for. However, you can send flowers of different colors depending on the situation. For instance, if you feeling guilty for any of your actions and you want to resolve any issue, simply send red roses or tulips with a personal note. It will express your feelings in a much better way.

Express Joy and Happiness Through Flower Bouquet

Again, if you want to express your joy and happiness, send a beautiful flower bouquet with chocolates and personal note. Also, if you want to relax and uplift the spirit of your friend, then send him/her yellow flowers like sunflower and make a note to keep his/her head high in such unfavorable situation.

Express Love and Concern Through Online Flower Delivery

You can express your love and concern towards your friend by sending flowers. Online flower delivery stores provide a wide range of beautiful and colorful flowers which can make the day of the receiver. It is better to choose any reliable flower delivery store and send flowers to India. You can choose ideal flowers like roses, lily, tulips, sunflowers and several others. This gesture of yours will certainly have a great impact on the mind of the receiver. With online stores, you can also find various designer and beautiful bouquets at a reasonable price. These stores provide doorstep delivery across the world. So it is easier to go to online stores.

So, if you want to send flowers to India then go for it. This act will certainly fulfill your purpose. And do not forget to select a dependable online flower delivery store.

Online Flower Delivery in India to Express Your Feelings

Flower Delivery
Flowers make for perfect gifts as they symbolize love, care, and affection. Sending flowers online is extremely convenient as there are online stores to deliver highest quality fresh flowers to the destination. You need to find the best florist online for flower delivery in India.

Have a look at the products on range and place orders for the best bouquet. You must be confident about the flower delivery service that it can deliver the best floral arrangement. The store must be trustworthy and deliver flowers with utmost care. Make sure the store is a popular one and delivers flowers on time.

It is easy for anyone to set a flower store online but not so easy to deliver fresh flowers within the stipulated time period. So, it is recommended to choose a store which has years of experience in delivering fresh flowers right from the farms.

Flowers for various occasions

Flowers make for excellent universal gifts that may be delivered on any of the occasions whether it is Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding Anniversary or Birthday. In fact, you may send flowers even when there is no reason or occasion. You can send flowers to show your love and concern.

By sending roses without any reason, you will surprise the receiver. You can remind the receiver how much you care and that you are always there with the person. Online flower delivery service is there to assist people who want to send flowers. Choosing an online firm or delivering flowers is easy and cost-effective.

Send cakes and chocolates along with flowers

Special occasions call for special celebration. When there is a special occasion, you need to gift something gorgeous and wonderful. You can now gift flowers like roses, gerberas, tulips, lilies along with other gift items like chocolates, yummy cakes, and sweet gifts.

Flower delivery in India may help to deliver flowers along with other gift items. On the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, you can send cake, teddy, and chocolates. This is surely going to add to the celebration and make the day memorable.

Online gift stores have the diverse range of gifts. You can gift something relevant on the special occasion. There is no need to move out of your home in search for the flower gift. Whether you wish to deliver roses to your beloved, colleague or business partner, it may be done from the convenience of your home. When you compare the prices offered by the online florist, they are much reasonable than any local florist.

Choose an online florist carefully

For the best flower delivery in India, one needs to make a careful choice of the store. So, enter the search term ‘flower delivery’ in the search box and you will get the list of stores. Visit the individual websites and then read reviews and ratings.
Have a look at the variety of flower bouquets and then choose a suitable one.

Order placement and fulfillment is easy and convenient. Enter the correct delivery details and the correct order quantity. Enter the date, the time and complete the payment. Finally, enjoy on-time delivery of your flower gift along with other gifts right to the doorsteps of the receiver.

Send Flowers To India – Convey Your Love and Wishes

Do you have a special someone in life who requires pampering? No other gift can beat flowers. Whether it is the birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or an ordinary day, flowers make for beautiful gifts. The flowers may be sent to your parents, siblings, lover or corporate friends.

If a loved one is sad in life, send colorfully and aroma-rich flowers along with a personalized note or message to cheer him up. Flowers are such items that can suit almost any occasion of life. Now, when the world is going digital, you can buy flowers from an online florist and send across.
Send Flowers to India
You can send flowers to India to spread love, warmth, happiness and to bring a glowing smile on the face of the receiver. Beautiful blossoms make a sweet Valentine and Anniversary gift. Choose appropriate blossoms or flowers and pair that up with an interesting gift. It will act as the perfect add-on and make a great gift for your friend, lover or any family member.

A Wide Range of Beautiful Flowers

Choose the best online local florist to procure beautiful flowers. The store must offer a wide range of choices in beautiful and mesmerizing flowers. Then, it should cater to a number of states and cities of India. Visit the website, India Flower Mall, and find the options for flowers and gifts.

Some of the options in flowers you will find are roses, tulips, lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemum, and gardenia. Apart from general ones, you may also place orders for rare flowers like lilacs, Blue Thistle, Anthurium, Baby Orchid, Clemantis, etc. The named flowers are most sought after by the buyers.

Hence, you can send flowers to any of the metropolitan cities of India along with towns, states or districts. The buyer can either opt for flower bunches or choose a beautiful flower bouquet, an elaborate floral arrangement with so many options.

Reasons for Opting Online Flower Delivery

To send flowers to India with ease and comfort, you may take up online flower delivery. Choosing an online florist is the most convenient way to deliver the exotic floral arrangement.

With flowers, you may please and delight the receiver. Now you need not step out of your home to find the best floral arrangement. You may place orders for flowers from the comfort of your home. Just connect your computer to the internet and start placing orders.

Online florists are up with the range of flowers and floral arrangement. Apart from choosing exotic flowers, you may also buy gifts like teddy bears, chocolates, potted plants, cakes or personalized stuff.

Flowers for All Occasions

Send flowers to India on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or birthdays and anniversaries. You will find flowers for almost all the happy occasions of life. Apart from this, one can also deliver sympathy flowers if anyone is facing a difficult situation in life.

So, Flowers are versatile gifting options perfect for almost any occasion of life. Using online flower delivery portal is extremely beneficial. Therefore, choose a florist after conducting a background check. The seller must be trustworthy, reliable and should have experience in delivering fresh flowers right from the farms.