Memorable Valentines Day Gifts in India

Was it a few days back? A month ago? Oh! Did you say years since Cupid shot his love arrow in your direction while you were dreaming about the one you love?
You are so enchanted. Now you cannot stop thinking about your partner. Right? But let’s take a U-turn and remember how pandemic has set full chaos in our long-distance relationships. We have routed our dates in a coffee house to a destination called “Virtual Dates”!

Valentine's Day Gifts to India

Send Valentine’s Day Gifts

Hey! You do not need to worry. This Valentine’s Day, Indian Flower Mall is all set to bridge the gap between your beloved and you. Deliver Valentines Day Gifts to India to your love’s doorsteps with our 24×7 accessible website. We thoughtfully create our Valentine’s Day gift ideas list to bring a flare of a smile to your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s face. Our collection of Valentines Day flowers in India includes a bouquet of classic red roses for your girlfriend, which never goes wrong, chocolates to remind how deep is the flavor of your love, a teddy bear to relive those snuggles, personalized gifts for couples to take a road back to memories, and your partner’s favorite cake. You can confidently send Valentines Day gifts to India to celebrate the day

Valentine’s Day Gift Hampers

How about sending all these little dozes of love online with our Valentine’s Day Gifts Hampers to India? All our offered Valentine’s Day Gifts in India are exclusive yet affordable. A pandemic has marked a distance of miles, but your love would always stay close to your heart. Always keep the romance alive just like every Shakespeare’s character in love. The roots of Valentine’s Day makes us believe in love.

Valentines Day

Have you heard the legend of the Roman priest, St. Valentine of the third century AD? It was the time when Emperor Claudius II ruled the city of love, but the romance in Rome’s air couldn’t stop him from banning marriages. Yes! He wasn’t very fond of the line, “Now, I pronounce you husband and wife.” He had his reasons. He had a territory to protect, but with all his distracted married soldiers in love, the situation got quite out of hand.

The air of Rome which hummed tunes of love now grieved. But not for long, as Saint Valentine started arranging marriages for lovers in secret. Claudius was an emperor. When found out, he sentenced Valentine to imprisonment and later to death. While the Saint was in jail, he started whispering endearments to Jailor’s daughter.

Spoiler Alert! The end was tragic. On 14th February, the day on which he died, he wrote a love letter ending with from your Valentine, and their love for each other always remained alive till this date.

So, This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you get ready with a love letter for your virtual date while we ring their doorbell to deliver a hug of flowers and kisses of chocolates.

6 Beautiful Flowers And Their Magical Power On Mankind

The flowers are examples of surreal beauty and their power to contribute to mankind is no less than magic. If you are to think that the flowers are not only meant for external beauty, you could not have been more wrong. The flowers have healing power and enhance human beauty.

Let us spend a little time discussing how the alluring flowers can be worth more than being gazed upon only.

Get Calendula through Online Flower Delivery

Yellow or orange pot marigold or calendula belongs to the daisy family. According to the studies of Southwestern Asia and European parts, it is surprising to know the calendula has anti-genotoxic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

It is one of the age-old healing components increasing the enhancement of primary beauty care till the day. When you get online flower delivery, you can get calendula as one of the skin conditioning agents. Your skin becomes supple and more beautiful than ever.

Chamomile for Reducing Stress

Chamomile has secured tremendous popularity in the world because of its capability of reducing stress. The current world is succumbing to workload and the stress level is soaring high on a daily basis. To relieve your mind and body from stress, mix chamomile which can get rid of puffiness under eyes.

Therefore, after having long-day of weariness, you can get relief making yourself tea. The magical power of the flower guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Jasmine for Being More Beautiful

The benefits of the jasmine are too good to be true. Take a moment and think how many cosmetic products feature jasmine as a vital element. From face creams to body oils to lotions, the range of products using jasmine is unbelievable.

If the flower is infused with white vinegar, you can run a fragrant bath. It also works just fine with almond oil. You can also spray jasmine water into your face after waking up in the morning for feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Tuberose for Beautiful Massage

Through online flower delivery, you can get tuberose due to its wide availability in the market. In India, tuberose is primarily known as Rajanigandha. It has a tempestuous fragrance which can liven up the home environment.

Take 200 ml rice bran oil and put 20 tuberoses in it. Once you keep the flowers in the oil for a week, the oil is ready to use. The invigorating massage oil is beneficial for your body and mind.

Lavender as Essential Oil

You can get lavender from the online flower delivery which is widely effective for getting the uplifting and clean fragrance. The incredible flower fills the home environment with olfactory pleasure.

Used in aromatherapy, the flower is able to reduce anxiety, insomnia and depression. Needless to say, it is essential in everyone’s life at present. It works with hair loss treatment and alopecia is reduced.

Hibiscus in Indian Ayurveda

Another common flower easily available through online flower delivery is hibiscus. In Indian Ayurveda, hibiscus is known for increasing hair growth and offering thick hair. In the day-to-day task, the shoe flower or hibiscus is helpful in polishing shoes.