Smart Shopping Tips And Money Saving Suggestions

The shopping has nowadays shifted from brick mortar store to online shopping sites, but visiting the market and picking up items at the supermarket is still a fun thing for many.

It’s not a hidden fact that due to shopping your money VANISHES. Yes, Vanishes! The simple reason for this statement is that whatever budget you have in your mind before shopping, you end spending more than that anyhow. It is literally uncountable how many times you went shopping this year and the promise you made last year for not spending too much on shopping just went in vain.

You hate forgetting things on shopping or ordering online many times a day and that too just for single products. The shopping is a big challenge in itself and even the regular shopper face certain difficulties while shopping.

Worry not, these simple tips would make your shopping easy and also let you save your money.

Note: You need to practice it for some of your shopping and it will become your habit afterward.

  1. Make a list for shopping. The listing doesn’t mean scribbling down whatever comes in your mind at that particular time. It requires time. Keep the list on the top of the refrigerator or anywhere important and add the name of things ‘CLEARLY’ whenever it comes in your mind. This way every required item will be added and you will be able to purchase every item you wanted.
  2. Making a budget is a common thing before shopping but simultaneously also decide a margin amount you can spend in case you want some extra items and things. This will keep you under control.
  3. Online shopping is convenient, but some products or items in the market are available cheap but have better quality. So do not hesitate to go market once in a while.
  4. Always try to take someone with you on shopping. They can help you with carrying list, reading the item’s name and carrying the cart at the supermarket. You would not even feel bored.
  5. Always keep checking the amount in between that you have left or already spent. Keeping a check on money spent won’t let you go beyond it.
  6. Do not be lured by discount offers. Sometimes you will notice that the item’s original price has been increased and the discount offer is shown in a big margin which is actually is the same as the previous day.
  7. If you are noticing that shopping has become an excuse to ease out your tension and anxiety, then choose to stop going shopping and rather go for alternative healthier options.
  8. Shopping for pleasure is not good. Go for shopping when it’s necessary.
  9. Online shopping doesn’t give you an equivalent guarantee or warranty period as you get in the market store. So do shopping keeping that in mind.

Shopping could be a learning experience. Use it to your advantage and if something bad or wrong happens then worry not and try not to repeat that in your next shopping outing.

The Pan India Festival of Lights Also A Gifting Season

Diwali is a pan India festival and celebrated with a lot of fervor by everyone here. It is eagerly awaited by one and all for the fun and frolic it brings with it. In different parts of India, it is celebrated a little differently. In south India, it is celebrated for only one day but in the north, in many parts, it is a five-day festival. Yet the theme and mood remain the same all over and celebrations are no less exciting anywhere.

Etched in Memory

Many Indians have gone in search of green pastures and have settled down since many years on foreign soil. Whatever changes they would have made in their lifestyle and adapted themselves to the new culture, one thing most Indians have not forgotten is to celebrate this festival of lights- Diwali. It is etched in their memory. Also, another thing they do not forget is to send Diwali gifts to India to their near and dear ones each year.

Gifts Galore

Exchange of sweets amongst friends, relatives and all the near and dear ones is one of the rituals followed as part of the celebrations of this festival. Most people visit other people and carry gifts and sweets for them and wish each other well on this propitious day. Apart from this, the young are always enthusiastic to receive some kind of annual gifts from the elders. So what are the gifts that are usually preferred by the people? They may be anything from jewelry to apparels, to household items to soft toys. Apart from these, they accompany these gifts with chocolates, dry fruits, sweets, and even flowers and cakes.

Exciting Rituals and Festivities

You can say Diwali is one of the biggest gifting seasons in India. There is a bonanza of receiving and giving gifts apart from other festivities. These festivities may include, Lakshmi Pooja, bursting of crackers, lighting and placing Diyas in their patio, taking an oil bath among other activities. Everyone whether rich or poor dons new clothes and wishes the others well for their prosperity and long life. Many even visit temples to get the blessings from the Almighty on this auspicious day. Most temples are also seen to have a festive mood and look.

Strengthen Bond

During Diwali festivity is found everywhere and is widespread. This is also the time to invoke the goddess of wealth Lakshmi and all business houses perform this Pooja. The employees are also given gifts by the owners on this occasion. Festivities are not just confined to houses but most of the business houses also are in a festive mood. This festival of lights brings people together and helps strengthen the bonds too.

The online shopping stores are no less. They too are in a festive mood and have stocked up various kinds of gift items like flowers, cakes, dry fruits, sweets, along with combo gifts and gift hampers. Log in to these sites and pick the best gift and have it delivered to your near and dear ones to reach on or before the start of festivities.

The History Behind Navaratri And The Trend Of Celebration

Navratri is one of the famous festivals celebrated by Hindus. The meaning of the word is nine nights. The celebration keeps on in an uninterrupted fashion for 9 long days. Hindu Goddess Durga arrives on earth during the Ashvin month of Hindu calendar. The celebration takes place to welcome and honor the powerful goddess. Within these 9 days of Navratri, Durga Puja is celebrated.

Reasons of Navratri Celebration

There are different explanations of Navratri celebration on Earth.  Following are some of the facts:

  • It is synonymous to Durga Puja where the goddess Durga fights the batter against the buffalo demon and saves the other god and goddesses.
  • Navratri is celebrated on the victory of Rama over the demon Ravana.
  • The goddess Durga travel from her in-law’s house to her father’s home. Navratratri is one of the reasons for this celebration.

Navratri Celebration

People celebrate Navratri in a variety of ways. Following are some of the ways:

  • Individuals of all age group get up in the morning and take bath. They wear new clothes on each day of Durga Pooja.
  • People mostly ladies do fasting due Navratriratri.
  • It is regarded that the red colour is one of the favourite colours of Goddess durga. Thus, the individuals who keeps fast must put a red colour cloth along with flowers and other necessary accessories within the thali.
  • There is a custom of 9 small girls within the age of 8-9 years during one day of navaratri.
  • Dandiya is one of the most famous festivals which is celebrated during one of the days of Navratri.
  • It is a ritual to gift 2 small child on the day of Navaratri.
  • On the last day of Navratri, Ma durga statue is immersed into water. The goddess durga is said to return to her inlaws house on this day.
  • The day of Dusshera is celebrated with the assassination of Demon Ravana. A big status of Ravana is made with crackers. 3 individuals are selected who plays the role of Ram, Lakshman and Sita. They shoot the Ravana made with crackers. As soon as Ravana is set on fire, people enjoy the event with joy. This is nothing but winning of good power over the bad power.
  • Durga puja being one of the occasions within the Navaratri festival have a great craze of pandal hopping. Different themes are associated within the city. This is normally very famous in Bengal. Kolkata is the place where this Durga pujo is widely celebrated. People love to see different statues of Goddess Durga.
  • Different fares are organized where plays are conducted. People come from far and near places to see this play. It is also known as Ramleela in some places.

The Nine days of Navaratri are celebrated in grand way throughout the nation. Today, people staying outside the nation also enjoy the festival in a grand way. People exchanges gifts on this special day to friends and relatives. Online gifts stores play a vital role here.

Bhai Dooj – An Occasion of Sister and Brother

Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated in India where all the sisters bless their brothers with all the health, success and fame in life. They ensure that their brother’s get everything they ever desired in life. It is like Raksha Bandhan festival where the brothers are in limelight on this day.

Brothers get gifts from their sisters and this marks the occasion of Bhai Dooj. But now this has become a little different as everyone is busy with their work and cannot make it to such festivals. The advent in technology has made such an issue a cakewalk.

At India Flower Mall, you can select from a range of products that would be available for delivery. Let us look at some of the options for Bhai Dooj gifts to India.

  • You can send Bhai Dooj Flower Bouquet for the brothers who love flowers and get happy seeing them. There is a complete range of flowers in many colors and themes to give you that extra choice.
  • Sweets such as peda, kaju roll, coconut barfi, soan papdi and much more can be sent to spread the sweetness in their life.
  • Branded shirts and t-shirts in many vibrant colors and sizes can be sent as a gift for this Bhai Dooj.
  • If you wish to send gifts for your sister in return, there is a great range of sarees and dresses for the occasion to be sent to any address in India.
  • Gift hampers as Bhai Dooj gifts to India is a common thing today. You can make a great gift hamper with cakes, bouquets, soft toys, chocolates, and accessories as gifts to your siblings.
  • Cakes named as Bhai Dooj, with the favorite flavors are easily available. You can also customize the cakes with you along with your siblings over it to make it even special.
  • Chocolates in a good quantity to make it special or a chocolate bouquet can be a great gift also.
  • Wallets, belts, sunglasses and much more can also be gifted on Bhai Dooj.

Send the Gifts Packed Fresh

  • You need not worry about the gifts to be packed beforehand. This is taken special care of as you would not wish to send stale products such as cakes and chocolates.
  • The nearest vendor to the delivery address is chosen so that you can get the best products on time and in a great state.
  • The payments can be done online so that there is no worry about making payments for it.
  • You can also send bhai dooj gifts at the nick of time as well. India Flower Mall has expertise to send such gifts on time to make the festival a notch higher.

All this has made the essence of the occasion much more as you can at least get the feel of the event even if someone is not with you physically. So, make the most of the services offered by India Flower Mall and send bhai dooj gifts to India.