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Rakhi in India

Celebrate the Festival Rakhi in India

Rakhi are available in many colors, design and shapes. Sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers to seek protection. As per Indian Mythology, the festival of Rakhi has been celebrated for centuries. During Mahabharata, Darupdi tore a strip of her silk sari and tied on the wounded wrist of Krishna. Krishna was touched by the action of tying Rakhi.

He declared Draupdi his sister. Even though Krishna and Draupdi were not real brothers and sisters, Krishna considered Draupdi his sister life long. After that incident, Draupdi also considered Krishna the most trusted person.

Even though Draupdi was wife of five Pandavas, daughter of mighty king and real sister of a powerful brother, she trusted Krishna the most.

Krishna repaid the debt of Rakhi on several occasions. He saved Draupdi during the Cheer Haran episode when Kauravs won her from Pandavas in gambling and decided to strip her in public.At that crucial moment, Krishna saved her honor. On other occasions also, Krishna repaid the debt of Rakhi to Draupdi. The episode of Krishna and Draupdi signifies the importance of Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan in Indian context.

Till today, Rakhi is celebrated with great vigor in India. Sisters across India tie Rakhi on their Brothers wrists on the day of Rakhi. Rakhi brings the brothers and sisters together. Giving return rakhi gifts to sister is an old tradition in India.

As the Valentines Day is the day for lovers, Mothers Day is the day for mother, Fathers Day is the day for father, Raksha Bandhan is the day for Brothers and Sisters. With globalization, the importance of Rakhi has been increasing globally.

Indian all across the globe, celebrate this festival. No matter which part of the globe the sister is, she remember her brother on Rakhi and send Rakhi gifts to India. They send various type of Rakhi, which is available in various colors and design. For Kids, Rakhi are available in Cartoon shape and Kids love them.

Brothers also remember their sisters on this day and send Rakhi Gifts to India for Sisters on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi reunion the brothers and sisters across the political boundaries and distance.

Rakhi unites them from thousands of miles. As Krishna repaid the debt of Rakhi throughout his life, brothers in India vow to repay the debt of Rakhi for their entire life and they keep their promise even during adverse conditions.

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