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Send Diwali Diyas Gifts to India Diwali is the festival of lights that need decorative lamps because diyas are of great significance on Diwali. The festival of Diwali brings with the joy of togetherness, celebration, fun, brightness and most importantly a feeling of piousness, as people prep up for the Lakshmi Pooja, temple visits and in general, dispelling darkness from their houses, lives and hearts as well. Buy and send online decorative diyas to India with free diyas home delivery.

Send Decorative Diyas Online to india

Buying Diwali Diyas Online: A Unique And Traditional Gifting Choice

Diwali Falling on the 6th of November 2018, preparations for the festival of lights is well under way. While some a planning vacations and yearly visits to friends and family, many others are gearing up to decorating their houses with Diwali Diyas

The Story of The Diwali Diyas

Many of us will soon start incorporating the essence of ‘newness’ in our homes, buying decorations, lighting, Pooja items, new things for the house, and many more preparations will be underway. One of the most integral part of Diwali celebrations is buying new Diwali decorative diyas for the house. Diyas or earthen lamps are available in hoards all over the marketplace as the festival looms closer. On the night of Amavasya, it is customary to light 14 new diyas all over the house.

Diwali Diyas in India

As such, Diwali diyas in India have been used in religious festivals and events since ancient times, and while diyas are significant of dispelling darkness, the lighting up of diyas on Diwali also signify the happiness shown to Lord Ram as he returned from his 14 years of exile with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. The people of Ayodhya lit small diyas showing respect, love and honour to their fond king.

Buy Diwali Decorative Diyas Online

Today, Diwali diyas receive an elevated status. While the simple earthen diyas are available, one also finds many types of decorative diyas for Diwali. Moreover, the trend of gifting beautiful Diwali diyas to family, friends and neighbours as Diwali gifts is catching up. Today decorative Diwali diyas are easily available online, making it very convenient to ensure that the best quality Diwali gifts can be sent without any hassles to all loved ones.

Diwali Diyas as Diwali Gifts

Our website, has curated a wide variety of Diwali diyas as gifts. The catalogue contains different types of decorative Diwali diyas that are available in the latest contemporary designs. One can choose handcrafted earthen diyas, Lakshmi and Ganesha aluminium diyas, Diya temples, and brass diyas in a number of designs such as akhand diyas, hanging diyas, peacock diyas, and many such options. These come in sets of three, four, six, seven, eight and twelve.

Diwali Diyas With Gifts

One can even find different Diwali themed gift combos that can be sent along with the diya gifts. Combinations such as diyas with chocolate hampers and bouquets, diyas with individual or assorted dry fruits, diyas and flower bouquets, etc. are available.

Avail the convenience of sending Diwali diyas in India

Purchasing Diwali diyas online makes it easy to gift to loved ones anywhere in the country. When you buy Diwali diyas online at, you can even say goodbye to the mess of packaging your diya gifts as we ensure that your gifts are delicately packaged and look festive. Moreover, the cumbersome task of getting them couriered across to your loved ones is taken care of too. Our special doorstep delivery service reaches near and dear ones living anywhere in more than 500 Indian cities.

This year, gift your loved ones with a unique surprise and opt for a traditional gift that will not only help them decorate their homes with beauty and tradition, but also show them how much you care.

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